Running Your House on Solar Energy: Benefits and Tips

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With the impact of not just load shedding by climate change becoming more apparent, many households have started to adopt photovoltaic solar systems to reduce their carbon footprint while also cutting down their electricity costs. If you’re considering running your house on solar energy, this blog post provides insights and tips to help you throughout the process.

The Basics of Running Your House on Solar Energy

Installing a solar system in your home may seem daunting, but with an installer like iLleone Solar, we will take care of this for you. Our experienced team will have the solar panels installed on your roof, connect them to an inverter, and then to your home’s main electrical panel. This will allow you to use solar energy to power your home appliances during load shedding.

Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Home

Solar energy comes with numerous benefits such as:

  • Power during load shedding cost savings
  • Energy Independence and Security
  • Environmentally friendly power
  • Increased home value

Tips for Running Your House on Solar Energy

If you’re looking to install a solar system in your home, here are some tips to keep in mind: – Conduct an energy audit to determine your home’s energy needs – Research and compare different solar systems and providers – Check for available government rebates and incentives – Hire a professional to install the system such as iLleone Solar


Running your house on solar energy is a great way to reduce your reliance on the current unstable electricity supply during load shedding and lower your energy bills. Not only does it benefit you financially, but it also helps to protect the environment. Take the first step towards solar energy today and make your home more sustainable for a better tomorrow.

With the right system, you can have power during load shedding and also lead a clean, green lifestyle while also saving money.

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