Stand-alone (Off-Grid Solar Systems)

  • When no Eskom power is available
  • Fully independent of the Grid
  • All electricity powered by the Sun

Grid-tied solar system

  • When you want to save on the cost of electricity and protect yourself from future price increases
  • No energy is stored in batteries, directly usable energy from the Sun instead of the grid
  • No protection from load-shedding and outages

Grid-interactive solar system

  • When partial or complete energy independence is required
  • Has the ability to automatically interact with the power grid
  • Protection against load-shedding and outages

Hybrid solar system

  • Any combination of the other systems described
  • Systems that use more than one source of renewable energy

Expandable solar system

  • A modular approach
  • Systems that can grow and expand over time

Exclusive Sola Hestia Distributor in South Africa

Sola Hestia

Half cut technology

Half-cut cell technology is to cut the cell into two separate parts by a mature infrared laser, hence halving the working current. The thermal loss on the ribbon will be remarkably reduced and the module’s power increases by 2%. The reliability of the module is also enhanced.

MBB and PERC cell

MBB and PERC cell has a passivated rear side and a laser grooving process, which significantly improves the cell efficiency.


Solar Product Range

iLleone Solar offer carefully selected solar products from major world brands ideally matched to the requirements of the Southern African markets. All products are imported in volume and held in stock in our main Cape Town and Johannesburg warehouses for immediate dispatch. Please browse the products shown below to learn more about our portfolio.

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